Consumer Safety, Innovation and Product Quality Assurance

iStock_59764768_XXXLARGEAt BioQuant Labs, we understand that consumer demand for natural product alternatives is changing how we invest in our health, what we eat and how we live. With the emergence of the empowered health care consumer, innovations in products derived from natural sources are moving front and center. In collaboration with their health care professionals, today’s decision makers leverage the power of information and third-party validation to select products that compliment their healthy lifestyles and minimizes the risks associated with product safety.

As a provider of independent testing support, BioQuant Labs will provide stakeholders across the marijuana value chain, from production-to-consumption, with the information necessary to make data-driven decisions about the quality and safety of the products introduced into commerce, and enable physicians to eprescribe therapeutic combinations with the efficacy necessary to meet the personalized needs of their patient population.

Natural product innovators developing standardized products for patient populations managing chronic pain and various health indications can benefit from selecting BioQuant Labs as their product development partner. Our team can provide the highest level of quality assurance testing, nutrition analysis, and shelf-life testing for cannabis-based medicines including  cannabis-infused edibles, medical marijuana beverages, waxes and topicals.

Million of patients across 24 states are using medical marijuana as an adjunct to tradtional therapies. Millions more in 26 states across the U.S. are awaiting the passage of legislation clearing the way forward. Physicians are looking for an integrated solutions that will enable them to prescribe medical marijuana and coordinate treatment across their patient populations.  BioQuant Labs understands these needs and will offer solutions that provides transparency to both patients and physicians.